The Marmara Municipalities Union Migration Policy Center (MPC) aims to encourage the municipalities in the Marmara Region to act jointly in migration policies, activities and services.

Our objectives are as follows;

- To carry out scientific studies and research on migration,

- To provide coordination for local administrations and lay the groundwork for sharing information and experience,

- To engage in activities where local governments can benefit from global level good practices and experiences,

- To develop cooperation and establish common platforms between local governments and other national/internati onal institutions, organizations, NGOs and universities,

- To carry out activities which aim to determine a common policy on migration, migrants, refugees and integration,

-To conduct work to ensure that local studies on refugees and migration are in harmony with national policies, and that national norms are shaped according to the demands and needs of local governments,

- To contribute to the production of policies aimed at eliminating the negative effects of migration and transforming it to the benefit of society.


You can access MPC's Brochure here

Relevant Legislation: