MMU Platforms consist of the representatives of the relevant departments of MMU’s member municipalities.

Platforms aim to provide coordination among local governments on matters which include service areas of the municipalities to lay the groundwork for sharing information and experiences, and to carry out activities aiming to determine common policies in line with the demands and needs of local governments.

To this aim, each platform meets on a regular basis and conduct a series of activities such as

• collecting opinions and preparing legislative proposals,

• developing communication with stakeholders,

• preparing various data analysis reports by setting up committees for specific study subjects and presenting them to the relevant authorities,

• organizing consultation meetings to direct problems to the relevant ministry or other public institutions/organi zations holistically,

• encouraging the participation of municipalities determined to be in compliance with the subjects and criteria in international projects and cooperation,

• informing the municipalities about recent developments at the global level.

You can access the MMU Platforms Work Regulation here.