Training and Capacity Development

Marmara Municipalities Union aims to increase the quality and productivity of the services provided by the local governments, to use the resources economically, to reveal the existing potential, to mobilize and improve the resources in line with the goals and targets of the MMU and to improve the selection and training processes of human resources. In line with these objectives, MMU cooperates with universities, the public sector, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and international experts, and develops joint programs.

In this context; training activities are being carried out in order to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of municipal employees and to solve the problems in implementation, primarily on legislation in the field of local governments, personal development, management and system development, advanced management, and examples of good practice.

The main objective of the trainings is to provide them with a specific discipline and certify them and to contribute to the capacity of municipal employees by improving their quality. In this sense, a three-level training program is applied:

1) In-service Training Programs: These are practice-oriented training programs that take place in the form of half-day, one-day or two-day trainings on subjects that are usually determined by the training needs analysis.

2) Training Programs Open to General Participation (Open Courses): They are the training programs where the general matters on the municipality, city or legislation, and which are open to the participation of everyone.

3) Certified Training Programs: They are packaged program-type trainings, which consist of a large number of course titles or topics with an interdisciplinary approach, usually covering a period of a few weeks or longer, and aimed at enhancing the expertise and horizons of the participants in a particular field and having certificates issued at the end of the training.

4) Executive Training Programs: They are programs specially prepared for individuals, groups and institutions by considering their goals and expectations for management positions and manager candidates in the municipalities along with global developments.