The discussions on the city, despite of varying on the level of discussion, are always made. However, they either continue under the shadow of ideological preferences or are trapped in narrow spaces or lack of longevity. On the other hand, a large number of talented researchers are unable to research or have to limit their research since they cannot find the necessary resources.
MMU Urban Policy Center aims to support scientific research on cities and local governments, as well as to become an ambitious source of references with its publications, workshops and discussion platforms.

What does the Urban Policy Center do?

Scientific Research Support
Supports graduate and doctoral theses and research projects that work on urbanism and local government areas and develop suggestions; makes scientists, experts and practitioners conduct research and prepare reports; and publishes them when necessary.

Analysis - Synthesis and Index Studies
Collects the relevant data on urbanism infrastructure, local governments and cities, makes and conducts benchmarking and index studies.

Scientific and Cultural Activities
Conducts studies such as national and international symposiums, congresses, conferences, workshops, panels, seminars etc. on city culture, history, planning, design, protection and management.

Urban Talks
Organizes programs that will ensure that the knowledge and experience of experts from different disciplines that have been successful in their fields are shared.

Urban & Society Magazine
Publishes a periodical in which the assessments and articles of scientists and experts are published with a multidisciplinary approach to urban and social issues since 2014.

Follows the national and international studies on local government and urbanism areas, shares scientific activities and projects and provides guidance in this area.