Cooperation and Coordination

Bringing together the local governments operating in the Marmara Region, which is the locomotive power of Turkey, and creating a platform which will ensure that they will act within a common cause constitutes one of the most important aims of the Marmara Municipalities Union.

MMU diligently carries out the development of common production and solutions by establishing platforms consisting of employees in the related units of member municipalities, sharing knowledge, experience and resources, following the solution proposals to relevant stakeholders and leading the way in developing solutions in cooperation with common problems.

In addition, MMU has prepared the Disaster Coordination and Cooperation Plan (MAKİP) to be prepared to the natural disasters that may occur in Turkey, primarily in the Marmara Region, and the world, to meet the needs of the disaster-victims during and after the disaster within cooperation and to avoid waste by means of making an effective resource planning. With this plan, it is aimed that the local governments are prepared for the disasters, that the existing resources are used more efficiently and efficiently and most importantly, that wasting resources is prevented.

MMU also continues its cooperation and coordination activities abroad. Humanitarian aid activities are carried out by mobilizing MMU members and cooperating with institutions such as Turkish Red Crescent as needed in natural disasters and humanitarian crises abroad. In the activities carried out abroad, actions are taken in conjunction with the stakeholders who actively work in the region and has knowledge of the region. Palestine, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are among the places where humanitarian aid activities have been made in cooperation with the related organizations and stakeholders in Turkey and abroad.