Through educational programs, environmentally-oriented technical contacts, promotional programs and by multilateral collaborations, MMU supports the environmental efforts of the municipalities. It is important for MMU to act as a bridge between the municipalities and central government and to convey the local environment policies and environmental management strategies to the central government.

On the other hand, in cooperation with the legislation directly related to the municipalities, efforts are made to achieve a common implementation; and evaluation is made by including different opinions and proposals for activating the implementation. The collected proposals are transferred to the central government and therefore, it is ensured that the municipalities actively participate in the regulations.

The Marmara Sea, which is the main issue for the foundation of MMU in 1975, is one of the top priority areas today. All stakeholders come together periodically with the Marmara Sea Symposiums to benefit from the interdisciplinary approach and the strength of acting together.

Considering that the energy efficiency and efficient use of resources is also directly related to environmental management, the collaborations that are believed to increase the capacity in this respect are participated.