Environment Platform

The MMU Environment Platform brings together individuals from the member municipalities working in areas such as Environmental Protection and Control, Waste Management and Cleaning Services. The Platform aims to develop solutions to common problems with a holistic view, share experiences and the examples of good practice, raise awareness on the issue of a sustainable environment, and create a common ground of understanding between the central administration and the local administrations by sharing opinions and suggestions on legal regulations concerning the local administrations.
For this purpose, the Environment Platform conducts a series of activities such as collecting opinions and preparing legislative proposals on environmental legislation, developing communication with stakeholders directly or indirectly affected by environmental management activities, preparing various data analysis reports by setting up committees for specific study subjects and presenting them to the relevant authorities, organizing consultation meetings to direct problems to the relevant ministry or other public institutions/organizations holistically, arranging environmentally-oriented technical tours, encouraging the participation of municipalities determined to be in compliance with the subjects and criteria in international projects and cooperation, informing the municipalities about environmental sciences on a regular basis within the framework of collaboration developed with universities.
The MMU Environment Platform continues its work in 5 different regional working groups to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
Regional Working Groups:
1. Istanbul,
2. Kocaeli – Sakarya – Bilecik,
3. Bursa – Yalova,
4. Balıkesir – Çanakkale,
5. Tekirdağ – Edirne – Kırklareli