LADDER Project Med-Path Meeting has been held in Kairouan, Tunisia, on 26-27 April 2017 in an event jointly organised by ALDA, Lam Echaml and COPPEM (co-coordinators of the MED path). Having been a partner of the LADDER Project, Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU) also attended the meeting and was represented by MMU International Cooperation Expert Merve Agca.

The two-day event started with the discussions on the Strategic Paper for the LADDER MED Path, edited by Mr Natale Giordano from COPPEM, covering the role of Coordinator of the Path. Furthermore, important improvements have been done on another key-document edited by Mr Moncef Ben Slimane: the “CHARMEDAL – Mediterranean Charter of Democracy and Local Autonomy”, the approval of its final version, as well as the dissemination strategy and next steps are now foreseen.

The first Local Democracy Agency in the Mediterranean has been established in Tunisia

On the second day of the meeting, the opening ceremony of the first Local Democracy Agency in the Mediterranean has been realised with the participation of Mr. Bassem Chrigui, First Delegate and Mayor of the Municipality, and by Mr. Lassad Ghdami, former Mayor of Kairouan Ms Antonella Valmorbida, Secretary General, Francesco Zarzana and Mohammed Salhi, members of the Board of Directors, and Ms Anne-Laure Joedicke, Head of Mediterranean activities.

"This new Agency represents a new challenge for our organization and our members. We are very glad with this start which also aims to represent a platform for the whole of the Maghreb region. We will work closely together with Tunisian cities and representatives of civil society", confirms ALDA General Secretary Antonella Valmorbida.

The local authorities and civil society organizations that were involved in the opening of the LDA in Kairouan as partners and signed the agreement and helped to define the objectives. At the end of the opening ceremony which is an important step for Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, and reinforce ALDA’s efforts for democracy and good governance in the country, as well as in the region, Moncef Ben Slimane, President of Lam Echaml and partner of the project, presented the CHARMEDAL: The Mediterranean Chart of Democracy and Local Autonomy.

This opening marks an important step for decentralized cooperation in the Mediterranean and reinforces the numerous efforts undertaken by the Tunisian actors and their European partners in favor of local democracy in Tunisia.

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