On July 15, Lebanese municipalities have expressed their support for Turkey after the treacherous coup attempt occurred in Turkey by paying a visit to Marmara Municipalities Union. The President of the Union of Dannieh Municipalities Mohamed Saadieh conveyed a message of friendship saying that "We are a family with you. You are our brothers. Collaborations between the two countries should be strengthened."

After the July 15th coup attempt, the Lebanese delegation representing the municipalities of Dannieh Region visited Turkey, were welcomed by the Mayor of Bagcilar and MMU Vice President Lokman Çağırıcı on behalf of the MMU.

Expressing his gratitude on this visit, Mr. Çağırıcı underlined that the July 15th attack is not a threat only to Turkey but also to the entire Islamic world and that these developments would reshape world politics.

He also stated that "Every cloud has a silver lining. Turkey will no longer be a country of coup d’états. The people who fought for their country that night were like the soldiers who fought with the power of faith. They continued to defend their homeland being aware of the death threat. We’ve defied this threat all together. People keep watching out for democracy in the squares of the cities for days to protest the coup attempt.”

The President of the Union of Dannieh Municipalities Mohamed Saadieh expressed the intention of the visit as follows: "We are a family with you. You are our brothers. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not only the President of Turkey, but also a very important leader for us. We’ve been organizing visits to Turkey so as to sign agreements and protocols, and to establish sister city relationships. But this time, the sole purpose of our visit is to see that you are good. We want to develop new projects and work with you collaboratively."

Tripoli Municipal Councillor and the President of the Heritage and Historical Monuments Sub-Committee Khaled Tadmori said "Our prayings were with you from the very moment and we brought greetings from our citizens." He also said that in Lebanon the streets were still covered with Turkish flags for support.

In response Mr. Çağırıcı invited the Lebanese delegation to the democracy night watch at Bagcilar Square and the delegation took part in the event.

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