Legal Affairs Platform

The MMU Law Platform, after long negotiations with and evaluations by legal counsels, directors of legal affairs, and attorneys of member municipalities, is prepared and established on a legal basis through the MMU Platforms Work Regulation.
The MMU Law Platform conducts activities such as carrying out examinations on subjects that fall under local administrations' and the MMU's area of responsibility, developing medium and long term strategies, determining problems arising from legislation and implementation and proposing solutions for this, and sharing examples of good practice. The main targets of the MMU Law Platform are following up on legislative work concerning local administrations and preparing suggestions, conveying the problems of the municipalities to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Prime Ministry, Ministries, public institutions and organizations and other channels, and presenting solution suggestions and offers.
Making efforts to increase the knowledge and qualifications of lawyers of member municipalities on both national and international law and practice, and preparing training proposals and conducting activities in this respect are also among the objectives of the MMU Law Platform.

Relevant Legislation

Law No. 5355 on Unions of Local Governments 
MMU Statute