Local Diplomacy Platform

The MMU Local Diplomacy Platform consisting of representatives of the external relations departments of MMU’s member municipalities has been established with the aim of contributing to the dissemination of local diplomacy awareness, laying the groundwork to share experiences and knowledge, popularizing good practices, and providing coordination among local administrations in the Marmara Region.

The Local Diplomacy Platform aims to encourage the use of local diplomacy as an effective tool to improve cooperation and partnership understanding of MMU member municipalities with local governments and international organizations both at home and abroad.

In this way, efforts are being made to ensure that diplomacy activities of the municipalities are done in accordance with national policies, and that the norms at national level are shaped according to the demands and needs of local administrations. Workshops, training and seminars are organized with emphasis on topics such as "Diplomacy and Diplomatic Language", "Basic Principles of Turkish Foreign Policy", "Protocol and Representation", "Public Diplomacy", "Negotiation Techniques", "Access to International Funds", "Project Management", "EU Acquis" "International Organizations", and "Sister City Diplomacy".