The Local Government Academy has been designed as a mostly operative academy for the implementation of legislation and vision development in the field of local governments. Within the academy, it is aimed to provide and certificate the general informative training programs and special training programs on specific areas of expertise with a certain discipline and improve the quality of the municipality employees.
In addition to the certified training programs within the academy, various trainings are carried out in order to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of municipal employees in the fields of legislation, personal development, management and system development, advanced management and to solve the problems in implementation.

What is the difference between certified training programs and other trainings?
Certified training programs are packaged program-type trainings, which consist of a large number of course titles or topics, usually covering a period of a few weeks or longer, and aimed at enhancing the expertise and visions of the participants in a particular field and having certificates issued at the end of the training.

Our other training programs are short-term trainings, which usually consist of half day, one day or two-day trainings on a single topic. With these trainings, it is aimed to overcome the training needs of the participants in a certain way and to increase their knowledge, skills and competencies. These trainings are divided into four groups as legislation, personal development, management and system development, and advanced management.

How to benefit from the academy?
Our members can apply for the certified training programs organized within the Academy through our website and by following the announcements. In addition, special training programs can be organized for municipalities upon request.
You can access our trainings organized within the Local Government Academy at (in Turkish). If you would like to be informed individually about our trainings, please contact us.