Management Development Center has been established to support institutional capacity building activities of local governments. In this framework, it is aimed to carry out activities such as trainings, research, experience sharing meetings, workshops, panels, symposiums and conferences to improve the management systems of institutions by bringing together academicians and practitioners under the Management Development Center. It is also planned to establish a pool and evaluation criteria for good practices, where the local government departments can make comparisons in the relevant areas.

The training for executives with different job descriptions and roles in institutions has also a strategic importance so that established management systems can be implemented successfully. Today, institutions' expectations from directors and senior executives are not limited to knowing and implementing legislation. They are expected to establish their strategies, values ​​and approaches with a broader perspective by recognizing the developments in the world and future opportunities for the city, and to display the competence to ideally implement them and disseminate them to teams. Being aware of this necessity, it is aimed to train managers and executives on matters such as team building, team work, team management, communication skills, decision making, problem solving, motivation, time management, project management, leadership, effective presentation, protocol rules and to develop their leadership and management skills with an interdisciplinary approach within the Management Development Center.

In addition, it is aimed to develop an effective management consulting system within the framework of the above-mentioned purposes in the Management Development Center.