Migration Platform

The Marmara Municipalities Union's Migration Policy Center (MPC), which started its activities in 2015, aims to contribute to the production of policies for the elimination of the negative effects of migration and transforming it to the benefit of society. To this purpose, various workshops and activities have been organized within the body of MPC to provide a common ground for immigration policies, activities and services of the municipalities in the Marmara region and to act as a medium of communication between the central administration and local administrations.

However, a need for a continuous and systematic platform has emerged and the MMU Migration Platform was established in this context, consisting of representatives of the units of MMU’s member municipalities working for immigrants and refugees. The Migration Platform aims to provide coordination among local administrations on matters which also include service areas of the municipalities such as migration, migrants, refugees, and integration, to lay the groundwork for sharing information and experiences, and to carry out activities aiming to determine common policies in line with the demands and needs of local administrations.

Relevant Legislation: