What is the Urban Technology & Innovation Center?
Urban Technology & Innovation Center is a research and development center that conducts disciplined, scientific and application-oriented research and projects, develops products and methods, produces data and consults for those who live in, serve and govern a city.

What does the Urban Technology & Innovation Center do?
• Forms a common platform for policy-oriented and application-oriented research and studies on sustainable urban technologies.
• Promotes the “smart city” concept and spreads its applications.
• Catalyzes innovation and supports municipalities making cities more sustainable, resilient, and livable.
• Follows recent developments on urban technologies and systems at the global level and develops partnerships.
• Develops projects so as to meet the needs of cities and to seek sustainable solutions to their problems.
• Provides sector-specific programming, mentorship, and organizes events to bring public sector, industry, startup, and academia stakeholders together.